Got a Mac? What to try Photosynth?

Good news!  Following on from the weekends release of an iPhone application for SeaDragon MS has released an experimental silverlight viewer for Photosynth.  So if you have a Mac, just install the Silverlight plugin and try it here. It doesn’t seem to have all of the functionality of the full client, and clearly won’t benefit […]

Silverlight 2.0 Released

Today MS have released Silverlight 2.0 out of beta.  Great news for me as I can now get it rolled out at work and get people trying out things like PhotoSynth and DeepZoom (we can’t really deploy betas!).  I’m really looking forward to seeing how people might use them.  The installation is here and is […]

I’m liking Photosynth (gratuitous car content!)

Although Photosynth has been out for a while, I’d not rally had a chance to play with it much until the weekend.  After giving my car a quick wash I thought I’d take a few pictures and feed them into a synth and see how it came out… (You’ll need a PC, Silverlight and PhotoSynth […]