Silverlight 2.0 Released

Today MS have released Silverlight 2.0 out of beta.  Great news for me as I can now get it rolled out at work and get people trying out things like PhotoSynth and DeepZoom (we can’t really deploy betas!).  I’m really looking forward to seeing how people might use them. 

The installation is here and is available for PC and Mac and supports IE, Firefox and Google Chrome. 

An interesting note from the release material is that it seems like Apple are blocking a release for iPhone… I guess it gets in the way of their own plans?  What with Silverlight on its way to Windows Mobile and Nokia, and WM Mesh clients on their way too, I’m going to feel a little left out with my iPhone.

Given MS’s current marketing campaign if I were them I’d be tempted to build iPhone compatible clients anyway.  Then I’d show them working as much as possible and let Apple publicly deny them to users…

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