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By profession I work within IT, helping companies build future proof strategies and technology architectures.  At the moment I’m working for WSP, a large engineering consultancy group.  What drives me is how technology can make a difference to people by making their lives easier, more productive or just more fun!

My background is in technology solution design and architecture, more on the infrastructure side than app development.  Although I started off specialising in large desktop deployment and management projects, this lead onto Active Directory work, Unified Communications projects and cloud migrations.

My current day job is architecture focused and sees me leading a team that works with business to plan the digital architecture for the company over the next couple of years.  It’s fascinating work in its own geeky way, and just what I want to be doing.  Though I do miss the instant satisfaction of getting a script working!

Outside the office I spend far too much time thinking about cars, and get my petrolhead fixes with my much loved (but sadly under-used) Lotus Elise.

I work between Central London and Guildford in the UK, and live in West Sussex by the coast.

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