I guess that’ll mean less usernames and passwords to remember…

MS makes a bid for Yahoo – $45 billion.  Sounds like good news to me as a consumer… It’s sad to see one of the original web pioneers absorbed (I still remember when the IMDB was still hosted at Cardiff University), but Yahoo has kinda lost it’s way and MS and Yahoo combined would pose […]

Microsoft, Virtualisation and S+S

There’s a good post over at Vertigo discussing the future of virtualisation in MS.  I started my career doing desktop deployment projects, so the idea of virtual desktops is something I’ve kept an eye on over the years.  It one of those things that has been promising lots for a long time but never really […]

But I hate greasy finger marks on my screen….

Over the past couple of days I’ve had a few conversations about how people interact with computers and more importantly the apps running on them.  The conversations started off about how Nintendo Wii’s (and to a lesser extent the PS3 with its sixaxis controllers) are changing how people play games.  It got us thinking about […]