Back to work…

Despite my best efforts to catch the flu, it’s looking like Monday morning will bring with it my first working week of 2009 (booooo!).  It’s  set to be a busy start of the year, with quite a lot of projects and work carrying over from December.  As well as the big Enterprise Architecture project I’ve […]

Group Policy Preferences

Back in the day I used to look after big desktop deployments both here at Atkins and a few other places.  Managing large numbers of desktops is always a problem.  There’s no doubt that managed desktops are A Good Thing(TM), but the tools available to do the job were always a bit harsh on either […]

Microsoft, Virtualisation and S+S

There’s a good post over at Vertigo discussing the future of virtualisation in MS.  I started my career doing desktop deployment projects, so the idea of virtual desktops is something I’ve kept an eye on over the years.  It one of those things that has been promising lots for a long time but never really […]