Sports events to be broadcast in 3D

3D Camera

Whilst catching up on some reading earlier I noticed an interesting post over on James Allen’s blog about ESPN’s announcement that they’re going to start broadcasting sports events in 3D.  It seems like one of the first will be this years world cup.

Of course 3D TV’s still a bit of a rarity, though I imagine big sporting events will increase sales.  However with the content starting to appear, I wonder if cinemas may well expand the use of their 3D enabled screens?  They will have invested in the technology to supper 3D, so should be keen to be get the most use out of it as possible.  They could use the screens to show, for example, the world cup matches in 3D.  It would be a good way of increasing the use of screens at quiet times.

Now if only they would start showing F1 in 3D…

(Photo from ESPN, via Jame’s blog)

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