I’m liking Photosynth (gratuitous car content!)

Although Photosynth has been out for a while, I’d not rally had a chance to play with it much until the weekend.  After giving my car a quick wash I thought I’d take a few pictures and feed them into a synth and see how it came out…

(You’ll need a PC, Silverlight and PhotoSynth installed to see the embedded Synth – sorry Mac guys)

Here’s a link to the full thing: Linky

I think it worked out pretty well considering I didn’t take that many pictures.  If I do it again I’ll take more pics around the interior to try and allow you to move in close.

Photosynth is definitely a cool bit of technology and could be used in loads of different ways.  It’d be a pretty unique way of showing off my car if I was selling it online for example.  In fact if I were a car dealership I might experiment with using it on a few cars.

Anyways…. I think it’s great.  Give it a go!

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