Can I please have my Car added to the Mesh?

I figure it would save me a lot of time burning music to CD’s. 

In fact while I think of it… I’d like to be able to set all of the options on my car Radio from my laptop while I’m at work.  Maybe all the other car settings as well.  A silverlight app for that would be nice. 

And while I’m doing that maybe I could setup the sat-nav?  Not my contacts though, I enter those on my phone, the car can grab those from the mesh on its own.

Oh, and it would be quite cool if my cameras were meshified.  I’d like all the pictures I take to be meshed, and then I’d like to be able to tag the ones I want to put on Flickr.  It’d be easier to do than from my PDA though, the little buttons on the camera are a bit awkward.

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