Who owns your photos?

It may not be you it seems. Or so says the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act which received royal assent last week. You probably thought, and until last week the law would have agreed with you, that as the creator of your work you owned it, and that others could not use of profit from the work without permission. The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform act includes changes to UK copyright law that allows anyone to use ‘orphan works’ for commercial or non-commercial use, including sub-licensing them.

Comments in Friendfeed and Fav.or.it

From what I’ve read about Fav.or.it (if anyone has an invitation let me know!) you can write comments within the fav.or.it platform and they are written back to the blog itself.  One of the things I like about Friendfeed is the commenting, but quite a lot of feedback and comment on Friendfeed will never be […]

Dashwire – Mobile Synchronisation

Spotted a nice new service over over on Jason Langridge’s Blog.  Dashwire syncs Windows Mobile (and soon Symbian apparently) phones and PDA’s with a web service.  I’ve only just signed up but it looks pretty cool.  It runs a client on the device that syncs all your basic phone info (contacts, bookmarks, SMS’s etc) as […]