Apple Mac’s in the Enterprise – IBM’s take

Working for a company that does significant amounts of design work, being a ‘Microsoft house’ can cause our users some headaches.  Although the design guys all love their mac’s, as an IT group traditionally it’s been hard for us support them and integrate them into the rest of our environment.  There are plenty of aspects […]

Group Policy Preferences

Back in the day I used to look after big desktop deployments both here at Atkins and a few other places.  Managing large numbers of desktops is always a problem.  There’s no doubt that managed desktops are A Good Thing(TM), but the tools available to do the job were always a bit harsh on either […]

HP Does Cloud Infrastructure

Seeing as I’m involved in getting a new Data Centre at the moment this post over on ZDnet could my eye.  Looks like HP is to target a ‘data centre as a service’ product at enterprise customers.  I’ve heard bits about this for a few years now – HP account managers will bore you silly […]