Back to work…

Despite my best efforts to catch the flu, it’s looking like Monday morning will bring with it my first working week of 2009 (booooo!).  It’s  set to be a busy start of the year, with quite a lot of projects and work carrying over from December.  As well as the big Enterprise Architecture project I’ve […]

iPhone’s ActiveSync not quite as active as you’d expect?

Does anyone else have the problem of their iPhone not always syncing changes between itself and Exchange?  I’ve noticed that the mailbox on my iPhone doesn’t always pick up on changes that I might make on my Outlook client or Webmail.  So for example at the moment my iPhone is showing 10 new meeting invitations […]

iPhone Web Configuration Utility

Apple have just released the new configuration utilities for the new iPhones.  As I covered a few weeks ago, these will allow enterprises to develop specific configuration files for iPhones within their infrastructures.  It’s a very welcome move, like many businesses I’ve certainly seen a number of business requests for iPhones and the prospect of […]