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It seems that iPhone’s, and I guess now the iPad, are increasingly being used in business.  While some would probably argue about how appropriate that is, ultimately I think IT organisations should be embracing this change and be working out ways to help their businesses use and benefit from these tools securely.

As the company I work for are big users of both iPhones and SharePoint, I always take a look at apps that try to make the two work together.  One such app is Moshare from Moprise.

Moshare allows you to connect the app to specific SharePoint sites and access the lists, documents etc in the Site.  It seems to work pretty well, you can connect to a site easily provided you know the URL, and the app then displays the various lists and libraries within it (see the pictures below).

Within the libraries documents are listed and can be opened as you’d expect.  I’ve tried it out with the obvious Office documents and PDF’s that you’d expect to find and all open fine.  What’s more it provides searching within the site, though I couldn’t find a way to navigate to sub-sites – they have to be added separately.

Something I’d like to see added would be the ability to enter your password at the time of use.  At the moment you can’t add the site without having to enter your username and password and have the iPhone cache it.  Without details of how those credentials are stored, I can see some IT administrators not liking that at all.

All in all though it’s a nice little app.  As an added bonus at the moment it’s free to celebrate the launch of SharePoint 2010, so head over to the app store and grab a copy.

Moshare-siteview Moshare-LibraryView Moshare-DocumentView

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  1. Thanks for your review of MoShare, Tom. We have made a few updates since this review including the ability to edit lists, iPhone OS 4 updates, and bug & performance fixes. I’m also looking forward to releasing some fantastic new UI updates in the next few weeks.

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