Facebook Chat Formatting and Smiley Icons

Years ago when I was at university I used to waste away time between lectures on IRC taking about 3D graphics and stuff.  These days I don’t spend nearly as much time chatting online.  The one exception is probably Facebook chat because it’s a handy way of keeping in touch with people I don’t really get to chat to any other way.

Anyways, I’ve noticed that there are some (as far as I can tell) undocumented little features in there.  Some of the old conventions and smileys that were used on IRC are embedded in there as more modern formatting and icons.  So on the request of my girlfriend I did a bit of a search and put together a list of all the formatting and icons I could find…

Bold:  Wrapping a word in asterisks like: *bold* will bold the word in question.

Underline:  Wrapping a word like this _underline_ will underline it.

Bold Underline: Combining the two like *_this_* combines the two

smile Bog standard smiley
:) or :-) or :] or =)

frown Frowning 
:( or :-( or :[ or =(

tongue Tongue in cheek 
:p or :-p or =P

grin Grinning 
:D or :-D or =D

gasp Gasping 
:O or :-O or :o or :-o

wink Winking 
;) or ;-)

glasses Glasses 
8) or 8-) or B) or B-)

sunglasses Sunglasses 
8| or 8-| or B| or B-|

grumpy Grumpy 
>:( or >:-(

unsure Unsure 
:/ or :-/ or :\ or :-\

cry Crying 

devil Devil smile 
3:) or 3:-)

halo Halo
O:) or O:-)

kiss Kiss 
:* or :-*

heart Heart 

kiki Kiki 

squint Squint

confused Confused 
O.o or o.O

upset Upset 
>:O or >:-O or >:o or >:-o

pacman Pacman

tache Moustache Face

robot Robot Face

putnam Chris Putnam (a Facebook engineer… perk of the job I guess!) 

shark Shark 

penguin Penguin

Thanks to http://20bits.com/articles/easter-eggs-in-facebook-chat/

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