Driving a Formula 1 Car

If you’re anything like me you’ve probably had a conversation with a mate about just how quickly you might be able to drive an F1 car if someone was foolish enough to hand you one for a few hours. 

Whether or not I’ll ever get that chance I don’t know, but I just stumbled across these three video’s from Autocar where Chris Harris gets the chance to drive an old Jaguar F1 car on the Silverstone National circuit.  I’ve met Chris a few times at various events, and he always comes across as a decent chap.  Lucky bastard, but a decent chap :)  I know over the years he’s driven and raced some pretty special cars, so it’s interesting to hear how surprised he is at the performance of the Jaguar.  It was obviously going to be fast, but he really seems taken aback by just how far ahead of other road and race cars it is. 


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