New version of iDialog iPhone OCS Client

Just a quick post this one as I’m at work… but I thought it would be worth mentioning that a new version of the iDialog Office Communication Server client for the iPhone is out on the app store.

There’s no news yet as to what has changed in the 1.2 version, but I’m sure there’ll be an update to the Modality Systems blog soon with an update.

(Via Tony Cocks and Justin Morris)

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  1. Until it supports push notifications/alerts like many iPhone apps do like Facebook, this has very limited usability.

    The app MUST be running in the foreground to let you know you received an IM.

    They (iDialog) need to build a back-end server farm that takes your login info and establishes a connection to the end-user’s OCS CWA server from their servers. Then when you get an IM, they should send a push notification / alert (little blue pop-up on the iphone with a preview of the message) and give you the choice to launch the app or ignore it like MANY other iPhone apps do.

  2. That’s true, it might be a useful feature, but I think it depends what you want the client for. If your intention is to make youself available to others then yes, push notifications would be a welcome addition. However if you want to use it so you can see the presence of or contact others it’s probably not as useful. Good point though!

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