Improved Silverstone for 2010

With all of the bad news coming out of Donington and it’s plans to host the 2010 British Grand Prix, it’s nice to see that Silverstone has some plans of it’s own.

I spotted this over on Lotus Central (a good place for all sorts of Lotus related news), so I hope they won’t mind me lifting a couple of their images to share here (they’re good guys so hopefully I’m ok).  The biggest change looks to be the removal of Bridge from the GP circuit.  Though in return there will be improved views for spectators, and modifications to the National and South circuits so that they can be used at the same time.

From Lotus Central:

Arena Grand Prix Circuit
Length –3.615 miles/5.89 km
Safer for both cars and bikes with increased run off areas
Designed with both riders, drivers and spectators taken into consideration
Will be FIM and FIA licensed and redefine the focal point of the circuit creating new a spectator arena
Gives spectators closer access to key points of circuit
One of the fastest bike and car circuits in the world

Silverstone 2010 Areana GP Circuit


National Circuit and Extended National
Length of National – 1.6 miles/2.6 km
Length of Extended National – 2 miles/3.257 km
The Woodcote chicane currently used for bikes will be removed
There is an extended National Circuit configuration which can be operated if required- just .2 miles shorter than 2009 International which has an extra loop at Becketts before turning back down the National straight
The increased run offs will result in increased safety allowing the circuit to be faster
Brand new pit wall completed in Jan 2008

Silverstone 2010 National Circuit
Silverstone 2010 Extended National


Southern Circuit/2011 International Circuit
Length – 1.9 mile/3.05 km
Circuit will be known as International Circuit in 2011
New layout designed to offer increased overtaking opportunities whilst fast flowing nature
Increased safety features
Planning in place to add a pit lane in 2010
Track separation allows for the Southern and National to be run at the same time
Silverstone 2010 Southern Circuit/2011 International Circui


Stowe Circuit
Length 1.2 mile/1.8 km licensed circuit (increased from 0.9 mile)
Dedicated pit garages with viewing terrace on roof
Dedicated Hospitality units with viewing terrace on roof
Includes split breaking area
Three lane irrigated wet handling pad boasting different levels of grip from sheet ice to standard wet tarmac
Works started in November due for completion in March

Silverstone 2010 Stowe Circuit Circuit

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