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I just read a good article with some first impressions of Google’s Voice service.  It’s worth a read and cover most of the good and bad points.

If you’ve not come across Google Voice (GV) before it provides you with a single phone number that you can link to multiple phones – for example your mobile, home and work phones.  When someone calls your GV number all phones ring until you pick one up.  GV will also forward text messages to mobile phones.

Through the web interface you can setup groups for your contacts and set behaviours for voicemail etc. on those groups.  It also does things like transcribe voicemails.

It’ll be a few months before it’s available here in the UK, but I can’t wait as I have a couple of numbers that I use and consolidating down to one number will be fantastic. 

Anyways, take a look at the post here:

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