Windows Mobile 6.5 Touch Gestures

Although I now have an iPhone, I have to admit I’ve always quite like Windows Mobile.  It may be a bit clunky compared to Apple’s newer toys, but I’ve had WM phones since the original Orange SPV years ago.

Anyways, I’ve been keeping an eye on how the new version, Windows Mobile 6.5, has been developing.  I managed to have a play with a phone running 6.5 a few months ago and was actually quite impressed.  While you could tell the old WM was underneath, the touch interface was a great improvement on the old home screen, and it felt modern – even next to the iPhone.

I was just going though my rss feeds and noticed this new post from Marcus Perryman over at Microsoft.  He’s written quite an in depth article about how 6.5 implements touch and the gestures you use to navigate and do things.  It’s pretty techie (don’t say I didn’t warn you!), but quite interesting if you’re into that stuff.

Marcus also points out the official touch gesture docs have been published and can be found here:

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