iPhone Enterprise Deployment

Alongside the release of the V.3 iPhone firmware Apple have also updated their Enterprise Deployment Guide.

If you’re using iPhones within a corporate environment this is a really useful doc.  I provides some good info on how best to configure settings for VPN connections, Exchange access, Wifi settings etc, and also how provision these settings and other applications to your companies iPhones.

One of the interesting changes to the overall solution has been the addition of an ‘activation-only mode’ to iTunes.  This setting configures iTunes to only only activate the iPhone then eject the device.  In combination with some of the other restrictions available both on installation and at runtime (through the parental controls) it goes some way to making iTunes more palatable to businesses.  I can only assume this was added in response to a fairly common complaint from businesses that they didn’t really want to install iTunes on their corporate machines.  Whilst this doesn’t do away with the need, it does help to mitigate some of the concerns around it.

I may write about some of the particular subjects covered in the doc over the next few weeks, but I thought I’d post up the link in case anyone hasn’t seen it.

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