More PhotoSynth Goodness, this time on iPhone

I’m a bit of a PhotoSynth fan, I think it’s a fantastic technology.  The iPhone has always seemed like an obvious candidate for a viewer, the touch interface seems ideal for it.  Sarah over on spotted this, and I thought I’d pass it on… A PhotoSynth viewer for the iPhone!

The great news is that the client works really well, you can search for specific synths or topics, and pick from Recent, Most Viewed and ‘Nice and Synthy’ lists.  Once you open up a synth you get the familiar view from one of the camera view points, and can move around the scene from photo to photo.

As well as that though, you can choose to view the point cloud that ties the photos together, and  move and zoom around it in 3D.  It’s hard to explain, but hopefully the screenshots help.  The point cloud is nothing new, you can see it on the PC and Mac views, but it just seems to work better with the iPhone interface.

iSynth Screenshot

 iSynth Point Cloud Screenshot

If you like PhotoSynth it’s a great little app.  It seems the the author Greg Pascale was an intern with the PhotoSynth team at Microsoft last year and he’s written it with the teams approval.  Good stuff!  How about a viewer for XBox?

You can get iSynth for free from the App Store or from iTunes here:

Greg’s site is here:

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