The Fox Goes Free

Photo from Deano T on Flickr

If you’re ever anywhere near Goodwood here in the UK you could do a lot worse that stopping off at The Fox Goes Free, a pub in a village called Charlton.

There are a few good places to eat in Chichester and Arundel, but I reckon the Fox Goes Free is my favorite.  Today we went there for lunch with a few friends and once again had a great time.  I’ve been there a lot over the past few years and the food has always been fantastic, it’s one of those places that you’d never hesitate to recommend to anyone – so that’s what I thought I would do!

(Photo from Deano T on Flickr)

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  1. I found it by accident earlier this year. As he lives nearby, I mentioned it to Jason K, and he said “I was there on Sunday lunchtime”, which bizarrely was the same time I was there but we had not seen each other.

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