MeshMobile (as in ‘BatMobile’!)

Ages ago when Live Mesh was first announced I watched Ori Amiga’s demo on Channel 9 that showed not just the File sharing aspects of Mesh, but how it could be used for applications.  It really impressed me and being a bit of a petrolhead one of the first apps I thought about was something for cars.  Syncing Music of course, but also SatNav info or settings and diagnostics.

Good news is, I’m not mad and Ori had the same idea!  Channel 9 have just posted up a video of a ‘MeshMobile’ solution they’ve been building.  Take a look for yourself, but I think it’s a great idea.  It’ll be interesting to see whether anyone picks this up and starts building products.  With small, low cost, Atom based computers now commonplace it shouldn’t be too hard – as Ori has proved!

Ori Amiga: Mesh Mobile

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