Thanks to Guy Kawasaki I just signed up to Posterous.  It’s a pretty good idea, the site allows you to email in text, documents, music, images or video which it then posts up onto a blog.  What’s more it can then cross post the new blog onto twitter, flickr, wordpress etc.

It seems to work really well.  You can mail from a number of different email accounts or phones and setup personalised domains or sub-domains. 

The one little niggle I noticed – well its really something to add to a wish list – is that there’s no way of automatically filtering out email signatures.  All my mail accounts have them, and my work account also adds the usual company disclaimer after it leaves my computer or iPhone.  It’d be really great if Posterous was able to filter these out so that every post didn’t have my phone number and company address appended to it.

Still, a great idea I reckon!

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