The FIA – Making a mockery of F1

So after a day of deliberations the FIA (Ferrari International Assistance) has concluded that McLaren don’t have the right to appeal the drive through penalty applied to Lewis Hamiltons time after the Grand Prix at Spa.  On it’s own this would seem like a fair decision – I might not like it but at least it’s a decision.


During last years Japanese GP Vitantonio Liuzzi was given a drive through penalty that was the successfully appealed.  The FIA said last week that of course this was different because the chief steward at the Japanese race changed his mind. and admitted he was wrong.  Unfortunately the steward in question says that’s not simply not true and has submitted documents saying as much as evidence.

Draw your own conclusions, but to me there’s something wrong with the sport, if you can call it that.  It makes me wonder why I bother watching. 

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