I’ve just been looking at Yammer a bit more after signing up over the weekend.  It’s a great idea – twitter for the enterprise.

Essentially you sign up using a work email address, and then you only see messages from users with addresses from the same domain. Clever idea.  What’s more, although it’s free for end users, the company can pay for administrative controls.  A nice business model I reckon.

They have a web client, a desktop client, iPhone client and one for Blackberry.  It’s odd there’s no Windows Mobile app, but I can only guess that will appear at some point.

It’d be good to see a SharePoint webpart as well, perhaps a couple in fact.  Maybe one to add a Facebook like status, and one to show your messages etc.

I also wonder what would happen for companies with multiple domains used for email – I know we have a bunch of them at work.  And perhaps whether you could ‘federate’ (in the LCS/OCS sense) your company messages with those of a trusted partner.

I really like the idea – I just need to get a few people from work to sign up!

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