LCS Public IM Connectivity

Here at work we’ve just setup Public IM Connectivity (PIC) on our Live Communications Server setup.  Although it’s not my project I’ve been slightly involved as I designed the original setup here a few years ago.

The good news is that it all seems to work quite well, you can’t quite do everything you could if you had a full MSN client but its ok.  One problem we did notice was that we couldn’t add external MSN contacts that were using EASI passport domains – i.e. a personal domain ‘’ rather than the default ‘’, ‘’ etc.

Doing some digging showed that these weren’t originally supported, but then I turned up this KB article that shows you can do it, you just need to use a specific address format. 

So if you want to add ‘’ to your PIC enabled Communicator contacts, you’ll need to add him as:


An easy fix to find, but I thought I’d post it up in case anyone has the same problem.

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