HP Does Cloud Infrastructure

Seeing as I’m involved in getting a new Data Centre at the moment this post over on ZDnet could my eye.  Looks like HP is to target a ‘data centre as a service’ product at enterprise customers. 

I’ve heard bits about this for a few years now – HP account managers will bore you silly with stories of renting computing time to Shrek – but this is the first I’ve heard about an actual product.  It sounds like there are four favours of service on offer initially:

  1. A compute intensive service for number crunching applications (the Shrek example!)
  2. A SAP 6.0 optimised service
  3. An Exchange optimised service
  4. A more generic Windows and Unix application server service

From what’s described it looks like a decent start, it’ll be interesting to see whether they start offering additional specific configurations.  Something for SharePoint would probably be a good start.  As it takes off within bigger companies more people will start grappling with the infrastructure required to run SharePoint in a big way and look for service solutions.

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