Thanks Joel

I just spent a few minutes going though some unread posts in Google Reader and noticed that Joel Oleson is moving on from MS.

Joel’s blog has been an amazing SharePoint resource for ages.  In my previous role I was working on SharePoint 2003 and 2007 deployments and his blog often had more – and better – info than any of the official docs that were available at the time.  Just yesterday I was forwarding some info from his recent posts to the guys who look after SharePoint here now. 

It’s seems a little strange to be be writing a post about someone leaving a company I don’t work for, after all I’ve never met Joel and other than a couple of comments and emails we’ve never spoken.  But without knowing it he’s helped me out of SharePoint shaped holes more than once and was almost like a silent member of the team.

So thanks for all the help Joel, and best of luck in whatever the future holds. 

Oh… and keep blogging! :)

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