Feeding geeks with XBox Live

I couldn’t make it to Mix this year, which is a real shame as from what I’ve heard it was a great conference.  To try and catch up I’ve spent a good few hours this week watching videos of the sessions over on the Mix site

Now I think the Mix site is great, having these sessions online and freely available is fantastic resource for anyone who couldn’t make the conference.  Whether they’re professional geeks like me, students or people who were there and missed a particular session.

So last night I found myself sat on my sofa with my laptop and headphones watching the Steve B interview.  As good as the Mix site and videos are, I realised it would be much nicer to be watching these things on my TV.  I did briefly consider how I could hook up my laptop, but I figured it would be much easier if I could just watch them through Xbox Live.

There’s some pretty good content on Live these days, especially in the US (the UK seems to have a lot less for some reason).  To my mind the more content that’s available. and the more choice available the better it is for the customer (user?) and therefore for MS.  Content like the sessions from Mix are like gold dust for geeks and IT pros, and making this stuff available on XBox Live would seem to be a quick win.  At the very least it says good things about MS’s openness and willingness to share MS resources with the wider world. 

(Though Steve B might want to beep out his email address!)

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