Wifi Digital Photo Frames – what a great idea!

It could be this is old news an I’m a bit behind, but last week my better half had me looking at digital photo frames for her mum.  I’ve never really looked that had at these before, they always seemed like a bit of a gimmick and I knew that if I had one I’d soon get bored of transferring pics using SD cards.  Having done some research though I find that there are a few companies now offering frames with wifi on board – which is cool by itself – but they’ve also started to appear with built in support for Flickr, Live, Webshots, RSS feeds and even email.  What a great idea!  Rather than continuously feeding your frame S cards, just point it at your Flickr photostream or at the interestingness RSS feed!

The two frames that I spotted were from estarling (RSS & Photobucket) and Digital Spectrum (Flickr, Live etc).  Though I’m sure there are more out there.

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