Who owns your photos?

It may not be you it seems. Or so says the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act which received royal assent last week. You probably thought, and until last week the law would have agreed with you, that as the creator of your work you owned it, and that others could not use of profit from the work without permission. The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform act includes changes to UK copyright law that allows anyone to use ‘orphan works’ for commercial or non-commercial use, including sub-licensing them.

How do the PC vendors screw up Windows 8 so badly?!

Seriously, it must time time and effort to do such a crappy job building the images the big OEM’s are putting on Windows 8 laptops at the moment. I’ve looked at four now, from Lenovo, Sony and Dell and all have been awful until you go in an undo some of the ridiculous things they install and configure.