‘Geneva’ Identity in the Cloud

One of the more interesting things to come out of the recent PDC conference (for me at least) was the work MS has been doing around identity in the cloud.  It’s always looked like a bit of a stumbling block for the adoption of cloud services, especially for enterprises where simple user interfaces and single […]

Mesh for Mac

Looks like the Mac Live Mesh client has been released – despite the ‘Microsoft Confidential – Internal Use Only’ lable at the bottom of the installation window :) Anyways, here it is: https://www.mesh.com/Web/MacDownload.aspx Update:  I may have spoken to soon there… although the client installed properly, once it started it asks for an update but […]

What might Mesh mean for Office and businesses?

I’ve been playing about with the Mesh preview for a week or so now and overall I’m pretty impressed.  Unfortunately I’ve not had time to look at the dev side of things (or it could be that I couldn’t code my way out of a paper bag…) but its clear from talking to developer buddies […]