Rules of Engagement for Social Media

The rise of social media and its use in both our social and professional lives has caused some organisations a headache over the past few years. Many have found it difficult to know how to react to this new form of media. Should they allow its use at work? Should they block it? What if someone talks about the company or it work online? To be fair, they’re not always easy questions to answer.

Comments in Friendfeed and

From what I’ve read about (if anyone has an invitation let me know!) you can write comments within the platform and they are written back to the blog itself.  One of the things I like about Friendfeed is the commenting, but quite a lot of feedback and comment on Friendfeed will never be […]

Selling Microsoft

Yesterday I was doing my daily trawl through Google Reader and came across an interesting post over on about Re-branding Microsoft.  I commented on it at the time but was thinking about it a bit more while I was driving to work this morning. For the most part I still disagree with the post […]