‘Geneva’ Identity in the Cloud

One of the more interesting things to come out of the recent PDC conference (for me at least) was the work MS has been doing around identity in the cloud.  It’s always looked like a bit of a stumbling block for the adoption of cloud services, especially for enterprises where simple user interfaces and single […]

Apple Mac’s in Active Directory

I just found this pretty good video on the apple site describing – at a high level – Mac integration with Active Directory.  http://seminars.apple.com/seminarsonline/activedir/apple/ For someone from a Windows background (like me) it’s worth a look.  It’s also interesting to see the difference in style between the Apple and MS.  Given the brand personas of […]

Things I need to think about…

Apologies for this post, I’m writing it to collect together my own thoughts so it’ll probably be even more disjointed than usual! So… we’re more or less a Microsoft shop here.  We run a standardised Windows XP desktop supported by Active Directory, Systems Management Server (SMS) and a host of Windows based application services.  This […]